Hello! Wherever you’re from and however you found us, we’re so glad that you’re here. The Pilots and Crew here at Friday Pilots Club have always been dedicated to bringing people together through the music we create, the content we produce, and the shows we put on. However, we have decided that we want to take a step further in keeping all of us connected through something called Flight 1012 - a journey with many possible destinations that we will experience together.


Flight 1012 represents us, the Pilots and Crew, and you, the Passengers, as an ever-growing family here to inspire each other. None of our opportunities or achievements would have been a possibility without all of you. The Passengers are a driving force in helping Flight 1012 take off, and we'd like this to be a place where you can all feel at home. Welcome to the Flight 1012 family, board below!

FLIGHT 1012 ✈︎